Imagine you are with your mates- Saturday night, having a few beers. One suggests why don’t you all go to the lap dancing club down the road- it would be a laugh, and you’ve heard from other guys that there’s some hot girls in there. They’ll often go further with you, one comments. Another laughs that there’s no decent girls in this town and it’s worth the twenty quid. So you walk the short distance- some joke about the last few times they have been there, and what the girls did, which ones were the hottest (and the ones who did the most) and who they ended up fucking that night. Others tail off and have a joke about the prostitutes in there and in the town- apparently one of the strippers gave a blowjob for a fiver. Best blowjob ever, apparently. We have to go to Amsterdam or a lads holiday, one suggests, they’re cheaper out there and the girls are so easy. You all laugh and walk into the club. 

You here the loud music, and it’s very dark, but as you go down a narrow flight of stairs, you see a snippet of the low lighting, a stage and a pole, and one of the girls. You see some of the men sitting, in awe. You’re quite drunk can’t wait to be in there and get some. 

The wait with your mates, and with other older men, and get handed a leaflet by the bouncer before you hand over your money. It reads:

Some say that there is currently 30 Million trafficked people in the world. It is a multi billion pound business, and is the second largest and profitable criminal industry next to drugs.

The average entrance to human trafficking and sex slavery is 12.

Count to 60. Another person has been sold- no name, no choice, just a price. A tag with a number- maybe not even that.

Billions are generated from the abduction of mainly young women and children. Physically kidnapped at home or on holiday, lured in with emotional support or pretend friendship, and voluntarily/involuntarily given high doses of drugs, you are taken by the ring leaders and traffickers. They will rape you, sell you, abuse you, flog you, torture you, molest you, take your picture, impregnate you, beat you, starve you.

You are as worthy as a box of crackers, you are a product. 

You will be abused by so many people that you are no longer a human.

Like a product, you have a monetary value. 

You are somebody’s daughter, somebody’s mother, somebody’s child, somebody’s sister or brother, somebody’s best friend, but you may be paraded with no clothes on, made to dance, with a tag on you naming the price. Or your “number”, so they can pick you out easier to buy, rape, dance for them. Customers and ring leaders bet for you, and you are asked to do many things.

A rich man likes the look of you. You are bought and only speak unless spoken to. You have no country, no name, no language- you now belong and serve as a slave.

By the way- virgin? Very young? Bonus points.

You will be taken far and are unlikely to return. You are taken to a bed and tied up, and tortured or drugged regularly. You may stay there for days in a brothel. You may end up on the streets begging and prostituting yourself- you keep none of the money and all your belongings and your passport has been seized. If you do not make enough, then your suffering will be intensified. If you escape, they will track you down. They are fraud and cyber-hacking experts.

You may not speak the customer’s languages and you will probably be imprisoned in a place you do not recognise, passing borders and taken to many countries to be raped and abused by up to hundreds of clients a day, including your trafficker, at any time they wish. They are pretty brutal is you refuse and your mental and physical health deteriorates rapidly. Your family and friends may also feel the repercussions if you refuse anything, no matter how tired, sick or battered you are. 

Human trafficking is a world-wide network, you could be anywhere. You are passed from person to person and enslaved to their demands, including sexual and domestic. You rarely sleep, eat and you will be raped countlessly without protection, at risk of STIs including HIV/AIDs and pregnancy, with no treatment and safe abortions available. Your living standards are slum-like and you are likely to die or be long-term physically and mentally damaged from the experience. If you die, from murder, exhaustion, illness, starvation, drugs, abuse or an illegal abortion, then your body is discarded or burnt, and your name never said again.

As you see tourists and friends out partying, you are behind a window or stage, so close but so far. You go on stage to dance as long as they tell you to dance, men leering at you and touching you. They make jokes, they slap you, they pull you by your hair to get you to lapdance another customer or lay down in a private area. You may be behind a curtain in a make-shift cubicle with many other trafficked people- somewhere, their mothers, fathers and family are looking for them. But they’re in a window in their knickers, maybe drugged and limp, maybe making a show, luring men in to watch them, touch them, use them under the lights.Your vagina is big cash to them, and time becomes non-existent, your shift never ends. You are a piece of meat, bound up, injected, thrown on the floor, brutally raped and made to perform acts against your will. 

Please be warned this workers in this club may make out it’s their choice to be there.

Please be aware that most of these dancers are mothers that need to feed their children, drug-users, mentally unstable women, trafficked dancers and prostitutes. Your money goes straight into the hands of their abusers, who are high-profile human rights abusers and international criminals.

Take a seat and enjoy the show.

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