When people say we don’t need feminism….

I tell them to explain to me how to respond to articles like this, which you find everyday, from every country, on a widescale basis. What are women to do?

When they’re essentially saying is “this isn’t a problem”. Riiiiight…


And to those who condemn misognists in articles like this, but don’t want to say they’re a feminist because they’re “not a crazy hairy man-hater”…

Why women wear bras

Following on from the above article, the website www.007b.com is a refreshing feminist site showing realistic pics from all around the world combating the page 3 sexualisation of them. Furthermore, there is boob related advice and a fantastic article (linked in) regarding the myths surrounding bras- it’s a cultural thing! I now have a feminist justification for my hatred of them….

Boob News

From the No More Page 3 campaign:

A Tale of two Titties

Boobs, tits, breasts, jugs; whatever you want to call them I love them. They are wondrous and amazing no matter what shape or size. I even like my own on a good day: they keep my hands warm and I can put tassels on them and entertain my friends. But for a long time I was deeply ashamed of them.

When I was growing up the only boobs I ever saw were in my dad’s newspaper. I couldn’t wait to get these full, rounded beauties with nipples like cherries on top of a cake. But I didn’t get these at all: my nipples were a funny shape and didn’t want to face upwards and rapid initial growth left me with angry red stretch marks. What had I done to receive these monstrosities?

Looking back now, twenty years later, with more mature concerns, I think why was it so important, why was I losing sleep over my tits? But teenagers do worry about their changing bodies. “Am I normal?” is the question you are constantly wanting an answer to. But I looked to the media, as many girls do, to tell me what normal tits were because I had no other source of information. But the media didn’t show me the diversity of breast shape and size, it didn’t tell me the fact that there is no such thing as normal. It showed me one type of boob: the media “ideal”- the big, rounded globes of apparent male desire.

Recently I discovered a web site (www.007b.com) containing a gallery of non-sexualised pictures of women’s breasts. Women from all around the world of all ages post photos of their breasts to help other women see the diversity of breast appearance and how they change with age and life events. Some of the stories are heart wrenching, women who have spent years hating and hiding their breasts. But the majority are positive, women who have accepted their breasts and want to show them in the hope that this “myth” of perfect boobs will be shattered. In mainstream media these breasts are invisible. These are the breasts which need help according to the media and the cosmetic surgery industry. The mainstream media create aspirations, the idea that by having what it defines as a beautiful body you will be a “beautiful” person: wanted, successful. The cosmetic surgery business is making billions out of women’s feelings of inadequacies, it tells women their breasts are abnormal and they can be “fixed” into the media ideal…at a cost, not only financially but often for your health too.

The power of the media can be used by women to challenge this capitalist and patriarchal propaganda. This is the power of the internet, that it allows women to set up something like the website discussed here to educate and help each other. Films and magazines may only show the “perfect” pair but with sites like this hopefully girls can realise how diverse breasts are and how unimportant it really is to have the media ideal. Your boobs are your own to love and cherish, to enjoy and give pleasure to who you wish and to nourish any offspring. But they do not define you and are not a measure of your worth: that comes from what you do.

Sadie L Jones
Check out this amazing web site:
Solidarity is For Miley Cyrus: The Racial Implications of her VMA Performance

This is a fantastic article explaining why Miley Cyrus’ performance was racist as well as sexually objectifying and dehumanising towards women. It highlights the theme of inter-sectional feminism, something that I’m still learning about, something paramount for white feminists to be aware of and fluent in during feminist discussion.

The article also touches on slut-shaming- I think whilst we should criticise Miley on her performance from a variety of angles, slut-shaming is not the correct, moral, progressive or feminist way of doing it. No woman deserves to be slut-shamed, and I believe it’s irrelevant and corrosive. I’ve read articles that have said lines such as “racist slut”…? Contradictory and unhelpful. Women are some of the worst perpetrators of slut-shaming culture and it must stop, we must fight patriarchy together.

However, I do disagree with this article claiming Miley not be a feminist. That is not for us to say or judge, and as we have criticised her for treating a black woman’s body as public property, we should not treat her as such.

A Day in the Life of a Sexologist: A sexologist's two cents on the 2013 MTV VMAs



Dear Society,

If you think a woman in a tan vinyl bra and underwear, grabbing her crotch and grinding up on a dance partner is raunchy, trashy, and offensive but you don’t think her dance partner is raunchy, trashy, or offensive as he sings a song about “blurred” lines of consent and…

found this on the “fuck shaving” facebook page, such a refreshing thing on my feed!
Love this pic! Fuck shaving!

found this on the “fuck shaving” facebook page, such a refreshing thing on my feed!

Love this pic! Fuck shaving!

People say the world is a bad, dark place full of war and dying. I disagree, love is all around us and always has been. It’s just not newsworthy. We don’t need love to prevail or revolt, it always has done, it’s been surrounding us since our evolution from the stars above us.

How can we bring democracy with a military hand?

America and Europe need to stop intervening in a way which WE think is helpful. Western democracy is weak on its knees, democracy is not part of the discourse in Syria and Egypt at the moment. We must grasp the hand of simple humanitarianism, we must focus on the innocent, not the politics, not on how we can bring down the power of rich men. Where is the logic, where are the principles, where is the baseline commonality between human to human?

Those in power in the West have no empathy in their privileged lives to understand and analyse these situations. We must lobby them to offer open arms to the refugees, deliver food, aid, medication, doctors, and stand by ready for them to come when they need us, instead of intervening the only way they believe they can- with bombs and guns. This will be another bloody political and social mess like Iraq- have we not learnt? We took to the streets to urge it’s prevention, but our politicians went against us when they intervened. And they have again, against everybody’s interests, but their own.

I am awaiting the rapid rise of the death toll following this intervention. We can only hope, protest, spread the word and keep solidarity strong with all of the victims of war, power struggles, dictatorship and weapons.

When will the penny drop? When will people understand that weapons do not equate peace in any form? To me, this is a very simplistic concept.

Q&A: Gay rights in Russia

interesting ideas concerning the UK boycotting the Russian Olympics & Russian vodka over the gay right’s violations and attacks/abuse/discrimination/surveillance of homosexuals in Russia. I am normally not in favour of boycotts, but in extreme circumstances, it can be effective, and I think we need to pressurise Russia, cut off trade and unite as a global community to make a profound statement about the treatment and freedom of homosexuals in Russia. Europe can’t regress, we must move forward

The five worst arguments in defence of lads' mags

Fantastic article outlining the most common, pathetic and poorly justified arguments supporting Page 3 from the old men/”men’s rights” lobbyists 

from the “fuck shaving” facebook page
love it

from the “fuck shaving” facebook page


love it

Tell someone you’re a vegan/vegetarian and they suddenly become an expert in nutrition, and you are apparently on the edge of death

Tell someone you vote Green and they suddenly become an environmental scientist, and you’re just a weed-smoking tree hugger who doesn’t believe in cars. At all. No cars. Anywhere.

Tell someone you’re a feminist, and they become a historian and tell you about your own oppression, whilst you’re just a man hater who can’t get laid nor understand that everyone loves boobs

heartfelt love

heartfelt love

Yale Officially Declares 'Nonconsensual Sex' Not That Big of a Deal